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American Sandsculpting Festival

November 1-4, 2001 AD

If you would like information on how to become involved in this or any sand sculpture event sanctioned by the Sultans Of Sand ...
Please Contact
Rich Varano

Phone: (407) 363 S.A.N.D. [7263]

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 We will consider any level of sponsorship. Either working capital, or in-kind service.



They provide funding and/or in kind service for:

We also do already have secured:
 The Host Sponsors -The Outrigger Beach Resort. and the Holiday Inn Gulfside. The Outrigger has been the cornerstone of the event since its inception in the mid eighties. Both hotels provide sand piles and water stocks, accommodations, and breakfast & lunch for the competing Masters. Each year the host hotels alternate the hosting of the amateur division competition as well as being the site of the awards presentation on Sunday afternoon. This year the awards presentation and the amateur divisions are at the Holiday Inn.
The Presenter of the Festival - The Greater Fort Myers Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, owns the event name and provide administration assistance to the producers in the form of office space, accounting, media relations, general PR, volunteers to accept registrations, and facilitate the Amateur division competition. They are also the key contacts for advance tee shirt sales.
These two groups, as well as the producer /director The Sultans Of Sand will be listed as well as any Event Sponsors,  in all media and promotional materials with the possible exception of the event Tee Shirt.
The minor support sponsors will be cited and credited where appropriate, pending the level of involvement.

If one sponsor is willing to be THE sole event sponsor, they will get all the benefit of exposure as THE event Sponsor.
The more sponsors, the more of a split in cost to the sponsors, but also diluted exposure.

 (even if you are interested in  only a partial sponsorship,  please contact us for details)

What a Sponsor can expect:

  Some sales are permitted on site. Due to the restrictions in permitting for the City, County and Department of Natural Resources, we  (the event itself) will not be selling food or beverages. The Host Hotels will have their usual F&B sales going on as part of their regular daily business, but that is the extent of expected  F&B sales. No sales can be made of items that are already normally offered for sale by the Host Hotels.
We will sell  the event tee shirt and possibly any other event related merchandise such as souvenirs. This is a family oriented event, and though the demographics are broad, we want to impart a familial feel to the show.
 If you would like to discuss being involved in this event or in the manufacture or sales of event- related merchandising, contact us as soon as possible via the contact means listed on this page.

 In addition to Event Sponsors, other sponsorship options may be available, such as individual sponsorships of the individual Masters competing. If this is done, it must go through the producers first, as space and other perks are limited.

 We are open to discussing ANY ideas you may have. Please feel free to contact the producer:

Rich Varano
Telephone: (407) 363 7263

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Varano Sand Sculpture Company / The Sultans of Sand currently facilitates in one way or another, five annual events around the world, and countless other special events involving sand sculpture. From amateur contests to Pro Masters Class International Art Shows, to Team Building seminars and Educational classes/workshops & private instruction, as well as sand sculpture displays for entertainment. We can offer Public relations and Media Attention, Marketing Strategies, and Educational elements for any aspect of operations. Sand sculpture is a unique and captivating medium, well suited to broad band demographics. It is good clean fun for the entire family as passive entertainment, or for active "hands-on" involvement.