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Creatividad en la Arena 2000
presented by
Banco De Credito
(the only Peruvian Sand Sculpture Championships)

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The event features an exhibition by pros and soon, hopefully, a Masters Class Contest for pros, in addition to the Ams that has been going on for three years. This edition was in January 2000, at Playa Las Palmas. Which is 98km south of Lima. And the amateur finals held the same weekend, will culminate the summer long preliminaries. (a series of amateur contests at other beaches in the region) January/February is the height of summer there- It IS in the southern hemisphere after all.

Photos of the year 2000

One of the winners from the prelims works on a whale entry in the finals of last years amateur event The crack labor crew for the 100 ton Demo piece. As fine a bunch a workers as you could ask for. Note: Those forms are two and a half feet tall  The 2000 demo castle by Rich Varano The Sultans of Sand

Images by the Sultans of Sand.
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