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4th Edition

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Hello All,

  I hope you continue to be keeping well, and prosperous. Life is good, if busy for me. And I am further bolstered by the awareness that I look very much forward to seeing you all on the "Star of The Caribbean",  that is the island of Puerto Rico. This is a great group. It will be a whole lotta fun.

 This is the latest update (May 26, 2001) regarding the Masters Class division of the competition in San Juan, Puerto Rico. And it is all good.

  You will all be getting your airline tickets either by express courier OR it will be an electronic ticket set up at your airport, for which you will need to present Passport ID to receive. It will be determined and confirmed as to which it will be for each of you by 5:00pm on Saturday April 28, or sooner.
 If it is courier delivery I have requested that no signature is required for receiving the packet, so that it will not cause delays to get you the ticket(s) should someone not be at home when they are delivered. I suggest you contact your airline once you receive the info (or ticket) to confirm your reservation and structure your travel profile/FF miles, etc., as desired.

We will all be staying at a location that is new to any of the Sultans crew who may have worked in PR in the past. It is the Borinquen Royal Guest House, and at least it sounds impressive. There IS the Miss Universe pageant happening there at the same time as our little sandfest, so be prepared for whatever that means.

Emergency Contact info:
 You may provide the following info to anyone who may wish to contact you while you are in PR for any emergency contingencies:
Luci Cintron (My client, and the event producer) 1.787.292.1214

I have Emergency contact info and profiles for:
Dan Doubleday
John Gowdy
Bill Dow
Damon/Beth, Because you are both traveling together, I can't use either of you for an emergency contact for the other for this purpose. If you want to update the contact info from when you last both worked for me at the same time (Italy 2000), please do so. Otherwise I will use either of your home phone numbers to be in touch with your House Sitter if needed?

Also, if anyone has ANY updates they want included in their dossier profiles, such as: special dietary needs, medical conditions, meds, or allergies to them, updated bio info or photos, etc.) please apprise me.

Contest info:
Same goes for carving tools. All else is provided as listed here:

*Two barrels for water containment.
*Three buckets
* One each: Tamper, shovel, rake, sprayer (I advise bringing a preferred hand sprayer of your own as well, if you are particular about this. I have no clue what type or brand we will end up with in PR. And I for one, really like MY sprayer.)
*Premixed Elmers. (it will be strong. The sand is fine and good, but can drain substantially as is common in many beach sands. Finished elements can slide as the pile dries out in ways that have surprised myself and others that have worked with me in this sand in the past. I am asking that you apply many light coats of sealer to all finished surfaces beginning as soon as you finish a surface, and periodically throughout the day as the sealer dries. I will be available to assist in this if you request it.  This is a short contest, but adequate sealing of your finished surfaces is required. (Spraying is allowed at any time. If spraying is being done off the clock, smoothing footprints afterwards is also permissible).
* One mounded pile of sand in the center of your 20'x 20' plot. (at least ten tons) The plot size of 20 x 20 is only called out for the needs of the organizers' layout. You may configure your stakes around your finished sculpture in any way you wish. To any size and shape.  So long as it does not physically impact anyone else. Plot size and related issues are not factors that are particularly imposed in judging.
*Two dedicated persons (for the entire group) to replenish water barrels as needed. (After pound up is complete for all, they will remove one of your two barrels for use elsewhere. Please plan accordingly)

The plot sizes are 20 feet on a side, and you will likely be dispersed throughout where the locals will be competing. Count on at least ten to twelve ton piles, but, because the sand is being pushed up, and not dumped by a weighed truck, this actual dimension may be vague here on paper. I know that it is good to be able to plan, but I am asking your cooperation and patience for this aspect. Being we are all going to be there for the mounding process, I will be open to negotiating the pile size (bigger) IF it is unanimous after you all see the first pile done. I will direct the tractor guy to build the first pile to roughly (in my estimation) 10-12 imperial tons.
 Tents are available for each plot. However, we will determine if they are to be used after we arrive, because removing them in time for judging will be a call that the contractor will have to affirm before I am comfortable utilizing them.

You only are scheduled for 13.5 contest carving hours now, but I am pushing to extend it to an even 14 over the two days.

Be prepared to adapt on the fly, as there is no directed plan at this time for the Demo work, besides a few sponsor Logos. I am fine with you all creating whatever, but it would be good to have some continuity. IF anyone wants to design and oversee the Demo I would be delighted to work with you on this. Just let me know. Plan for a total of seven carving hours on the Demo.
 You will be allowed to begin your contest pound up after 3:30p on the demo day (May 04), and work on that until 6:00p.  But, NO carving on your contest piece is permitted that day, and no pounding up past 6:00p.

May 03:
Artists arrive San Juan.

May 04:
Arrive on event site 7:30a.
Demo work 8a-4p with an hour break for lunch.
4p-6p Pound up time available for contest work.
6p depart beach

May 05:
Arrive site 7:30a
Contest begins 8a
lunch break (provided on site) 1p
resume contest 2p
day one contest halt 5:30p

May 06:
Arrive site 7:30a
Contest resumes 8a
Contest finishes 1:30p
Lunch break 1:30p-3p
Masters judge the ams contest 3p-3:30 (I know not much time)
3:30ish Awards presentations
5:30p Masters dismissed

May 07:
Free day and night for all.
Doubleday to Airport AM

May 08:
Remaining Masters to airport

Prize Purse:
Prizes and awards for Masters Class division:
Total purse $5,000.00
Breakdown of purse:
$1,700.00 1st prize
$1,300.00 2nd prize
$1,000.00 3rd prize
$  500.00 4th prize
$  500.00 5th prize
Peoples choice award: Medal only
Sculptors choice award: Medal Only
Directors choice (NB) award: Medal only

Judging is being done by an outside panel of people with no particular experience in sand sculpting. They will be a mix of visually oriented and non visual people. Some, but not all may be artists from other mediums.
While the common criteria will be provided as reference, Judges are not mandated to utilize it. Subsequently the artists are free to design anything they wish, providing any expressed nudity (in the sculpture) is done in a tasteful manner and in keeping with the familial decorum of the overall event. If you have concerns as to this (or any) aspect, you may wish to submit your design for pre approval, because all decisions of the producer are final.

Please Email me if you have any questions or comments.
 Be mindful that the Highly Coveted-Very Prestigious (HCVP) "Directors Award" is being given more  for overall congeniality, as opposed to anything having to do with your artwork.  In the similar vein as has been presented at the esteemed Las Vegas Pizza Expo Sand Sculpture event, this most valuable of prizes can also be adequately referred to as the NB* award. Whereby contestants earn credits towards this HCVP award for good stuff, and receive demerits against this HCVP prize for bad stuff. All of which is in the sole (and rather easily influenced) discernment of the Director (yours truly). Because you all are some of my best friends and favorite people in the business, this is sure to be a hotly contested, and close race for this particular prize.

*NB = No Bitching.

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