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Varano Sand Sculpture Company LLC
aka the
"Sultans Of Sand Worldwide"

Who are the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide?

    In general, the moniker 'Sultans Of Sand Worldwide' refers to the many talented artists and other people (at last count well over 100) currently working in the industry of modern professional sand sculpture whom are contracted on an 'as needed' basis by Varano Sand Sculpture Company LLC.
 Individually on small projects when multiple bookings occur for the same time period, or when large or small teams are required to complete a particular project.  Some people work as volunteers too, or are art student helpers or interns in other areas besides the art, sometimes working for college credit.

    Established in the early 1980's and based in Florida, U.S.A. with associates located around the globe, VSSco is one of the worlds oldest and most successful sand sculpture companies still working in the industry today. Many other companies have come and gone.
Rich Varano is the owner and managing director of the company. He Began sculpting sand in 1964 at his fathers feet, & won his first sand sculpture competition in 1971 at Daytona Beach in Volusia county Florida, just a little north of New Smyrna beach, where he grew up.

  While universally talented in the extreme, most team members are not full-time sand sculptors, & some Sultans Of Sand Worldwide team members do not even carve sand at all.  While some obviously are artists, and do carve sand, a number of the sand people are  professionals working in other areas of expertise apart from art altogether, such as dentistry, cosmetology, education or service industry, and are not classically trained. Some never even  work in events related to art otherwise, besides doing so in sand occasionally. Many of these folks were just hobbyists who turned their passion into a second job.
   For VSSco, some of these individuals work in supporting roles exclusively and never even touch (or in some cases even see) the sand at all. Yet there are also others who while not working as touring pros full time, are also master sand sculptors who carve sand as a paid hobby in addition to their other respective careers, commonly referred to as their "real jobs"
 Very many however, are indeed fine artists, some of whom work mostly in other mediums.
  There are however, very few full time sand sculptors who work exclusively in the medium  of sand
for a living.

Each member of this particular group brings a unique style and perspective that is a welcome and rewarding contribution worthy of any such sand sculpture show on the planet.  They are a fun and energetic lot.  Many find it is both a joy and an honor to work with them.  

 Be it a single carver or a team of dozens, the "Sultans Of Sand Worldwide" create magnificent displays in the awe inspiring and captivating medium of modern (pro) sand sculpture
~At special events anywhere.
   Most sand sculptures are indeed
ephemeral works, but they can be made to last indefinitely.
The average sand sculpture is only on display for a short while. (Days or some weeks, occasionally several months)
 They really must be seen up close and in person to be truly appreciated. So stop by to see one whenever and wherever you can.

Still, we hope you may enjoy and share this digital format on the world wide web.  
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  All sculpting team members... 
   And many of the support personnel are accomplished artists in their own right. They represent the very best of the best currently working in the world of modern commercial /professional sand sculpting.  Combined they have hundreds of international awards and probably some hundreds of years worth of accumulated experience. Some are involved in their own sand sculpture operations as well.  They are all great, and also have other varied and sundry talents and fun skill sets.  Besides the touring masters on the sculpting crews, many of the other people who work in support roles year after year at these unique events, do so only on location at their respective local venues, or near where they live & work (or go to school).
Multiple bookings...
  On some popular holiday and/or special event dates, the company may have multiple teams working in different locations, all at the same time. The company may be double, triple (or more) booked. Being networked as deeply as any company in the business, this is not generally a problem. Still, advance booking is recommended.

 As the directing manager...
   I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with all these fine people in bringing this great & unique, entertaining and educational art to the masses everywhere.

You can see images of many of these people, and in the case of the carvers, also some of the work they've done for this company on various pages around this site. I encourage you to return  and see the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide  "ROGUES GALLERY"  pages which are being redeveloped and are lamentably albeit temporarily, unavailable.

December 26, 2010

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