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Sand Sculpture services

      Our largest area of service falls under the heading of entertainment because of the almost limitless ways Sand Sculpture, as entertainment, crosses over  into Marketing and Promotions.
The most popular applications being passive entertainment or as a performing art on display at special events such as:
Do you want to Stop Foot traffic or Draw A Crowd at your venue?

Do you want Publicity or Media Attention?

Sand Sculpture is the solution.

   Sand Sculpture is greatly successful in these instances because of its highly unique presence, powerfully magnetic appeal and deeply captivating qualities. It has proven effective time after time, and repeat performances increase your results even more.

Sand Sculpture is~  Unique, Fun and Exciting for the entire family.
Sand Sculpture does~  Get Attention for a special occasion or cause.
Sand Sculpture will help~  Stop Foot Traffic at your site, be it a trade show booth, storefront, stage, showcase or any other venue.

  All  Sand Sculptures we provide can be presented as Static Displays;  Interactive Displays; or a combination of the two.
  The creation process itself is a fascinating and entertaining one. Much of work we do is only for the purpose of it being built as entertainment and then removed. Or, it is redone over and over creating a variety of designs expressly to showcase the design process as the focus of the entertainment. These particular Sand Sculptures, called 'Demos' are considered performance art . These sculptures may be designed to be created in a time frame ranging from five minutes to an entire day, a week, month or more.

 Sand Sculpture may be created anywhere. Indoors or out.

  Below are just a few of the many creative applications of this unique medium. You may also have ideas you do not see listed. If you would like to discuss these ideas, or your own ideas, we invite you to  contact us  to discuss your individual needs.
  Projects can range in size from as little as 50 pounds, a bucket or two of sand on a draped table (or one of our custom display devices, all the way up to many thousands of tons of sand.  These huge sculptures can be actually toured through and may house food concessions, merchandise kiosks or band stands, etc. The larger works can all be built to be wheelchair accessible, and include dynamic lighting schemes and/or pyrotechnic and laser light displays. Such large interactive displays may be gated, for the purpose of charging admission.

The only practical limitations to what can be done with this unique medium are time combined with Imagination and budget.
We can provide the former if you can provide the latter. Contact us today for details!

Sand Sculpture as static display:
(Created by our artisans).



Sand Sculpture as interactive display:
(Created by our clients' target market individuals or groups with assistance, guidance or instruction by our artisans)


FLOOR DISPLAYS Static/ Interactive Display
  These can be created to finish by our artisans and then manned for an interactive photo opportunity that spectators my pose with, on, or in,  for photographs using their own cameras, or one we provide with a "particular" vantage point built right in the sculpture, creating a forced perspective image. -Great for theme parties!

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