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     Here you will see several examples of sand castles rendered from just a single ton of sand, (Petite sand sculptures) or less, (Tabletop sand sculptures).  
  Visually, a ton of raw sand represents a cube shape about three feet on a side. But, since a pile of sand does not usually fall out in a perfect cube, and is generally more of a conical or irregularly mounded shape, envision a good sized two to four-load, thigh-high pile of laundry generated by the average college student. The rough size and shape is about like that... But, sand smells a whole lot better.
  If the sand quality is high, and the design calls for it, the castles can be considerably higher than the raw pile -often four feet or taller from the base. When the sculptures are also created on an elevated platform, the results can be dramatic if not striking, especially when you consider just how small a volume of sand is actually used.
 One ton of raw sand can be moved into a venue in just one or two trips of a pallet jack, or on one of our flatbed dolly/ transport devices in 20 (twenty), 5-gallon buckets.
Sand Sculpture has a universal appeal that spans all demographics
  These  sand sculptures are ideal for events where setup or sculpting time is limited. Also, because they can be created on an elevated (or not)  4x6 or smaller display table,  you still get a lot of bang for your entertainment buck, when and where space is at a premium. With these smaller sculptures, there is less expense of materials cost, and consequently less involvement in terms of time and labor for installation and the eventual removal of the sand, than is the case with (more typical) bigger commissions. Thus, Petite & Tabletop sand sculptures are ideally suited for weddings, product launches, trade shows, conventions, theme parties, media hooks or anywhere you may want to stop foot traffic in order to pitch your product to a captive audience. Or, they are great for any application where you just want a really cool sand sculpture, but have a limited budget. This is especially the case if you are in marketing or public relations and have back to back, multi-stop tour engagements and want to grab some attention fast.
Petite & Tabletop sand sculptures are highly cost effective. 
  Besides the sand  - which can be readily obtained everywhere and is literally "dirt" cheap, and display table itself, everything needed to create such powerful and effective entertainment/advertising &  promotional masterpieces are easily transported on or in planes, trains & automobiles. The standard kit travels with the sculptor and it checks through as a single unit of standard baggage at any airport, and will fit in the trunk of a taxicab easily.
   Having Petite & Tabletop  sand sculptures created as an "in-progress" performance art at your booth or venue, enhances the "Draw-back" quality to your presentation. The captivating process of a master working this seemingly delicate medium into amazing art, naturally entices audience members to return over and over to see the progress, allowing you to re-pitch your products, wares or services to them, again and again.
   Time frames for setup is 2-4 hours depending on conditions. Most works can be created in a day or even a half day depending on the design. The art may remain intact indefinitely.
  It should be noted that fantasy castle designs are highly detailed works that may take longer to create than some other subjects.  For instance, if you are sidled with a time crunch, or simply desire a broader and smoother sculpture which may not require as involved and/or meticulous detail, such as designs like dolphins jumping in the waves or possibly your own product line, or even just your corporate logo, much less time may be needed to still yield an amazing piece.
Conversely, if double the work time is allocated, a proportionately more elaborate design may also be created.

      We absolutely are in the business of providing large scale sand sculptures as well. In fact, Big sand sculptures and sand sculpture events per se  are one of our our benchmark products, but in today's world of soaring fuel prices, which trickles down to inflated materials and shipping costs, Petite & Tabletop Sand Sculptures may be the answer to your promotional or marketing needs.
Petite Sand Sculptures... Low Overhead + High Impact = Satisfied Clients

***** For more information, call or email us and ask about Petite Sand Sculptures today! *****
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Worldwide Sand Sculpture Services
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